La nostra storia

Our history

In the small town of Siena, known for its cultural and artistic tradition, a small skate shop called "Calaveras" was the meeting point for skate and urban lifestyle enthusiasts. Right here, many years ago, the idea that would give life to our brand was born: Moji Surf.

The founder, Niccolò Turchi, spent whole days in the shop, immersed in the world of skateboarding and the subcultures associated with it. As time passed, he nurtured the idea of ​​creating his own clothing brand, but soon realized that he could offer much more to his passionate audience

Niccolò's passion for surfing led him to experiment with the creation of handmade surfboards. With great dedication and care, he began to design, shape and shape his tables in every part to give life to true works of art.

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